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Eve Spicer is the daughter of Holly Spicer and Abel Villareal. She has a brother named Seth and is the half-sister to Phoenix. She lives in the Mid-Nowhere house with her brother, her mom and Sammy B in Windenburg.

Eve was born sometime after the 8th episode of Road to Fame.
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Eve aged up into a toddler not long before the 59th episode of In the City when Lilith found out about Eve and also her brother Seth. In order for Eve to have been born holly had to give up some of her life. Eve was given white hair in contrast to her brothers black hair. She and Seth were considered "a last goodbye" from Abel.


Eve was artificially aged up into a child in the first episode of Witches by her mother Holly, using a magic spell. she was aged up at the same time as her brother even though they are different ages. This was done so she would be able to learn magic.


  • Eve was born after Abel managed to get Holly pregnant even when he was a ghost.
  • Eve's name comes from the bible and the story of Adam and Eve, as it links to Abel's name.
  • Holly was discovered to be pregnant with Eve in the 8th episode of Road to Fame.
  • Eve is at least a year or so younger than her brother Seth, who is at least 3 years old now, therefore Eve is 2 years old.
  • Lilith found out about Eve and Seth in the 59th episode of In the City.
    • Eve's name was discovered and first seen in that episode.
  • Eve is meant to look similar to Lilith.

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